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Many left the big banks a few years a go due, in part, to all the fees. Currently, I see there being an opportunity for BECU to stand in a bold way behind environmental causes. An example, the City of Seattle divested from a big bank. How about a marketing campaign targeting people who don't want to support the big banks. Some of these large banks support the Dakota Access Pipeline. If a marketing campaign were created saying that we support the community and support environmental causes, like Standing Rock, and if you divest from the big banks, consider joining BECU. It's a win win for the environment, community, and BECU.
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BECU Employee

@offpimob- Thanks for sharing your passion and comments with us. At a time when many are disenchanted with the major banks, we're grateful to members like you for choosing BECU and spreading the word that we support the philosophy of “people helping people.”


In telling the BECU story, we purposefully focus on how, as a local, member-owned not for profit credit union, we are different from banks. We believe in our members, and our members believe in us. We think that’s pretty powerful. Our recent “U Own it” campaign is a great example.


We greatly appreciate your feedback and your support of BECU. Thanks for your contributions to the MIX community! Cheers, KristinA