Showing the impact of BECU and the work that remains

We are BECU. 


I would like to see credit unions continue to place more emphasis on why credit unions are better for the community. Member owned is the main marketing point credit unions emphasize, but there are many other points to highlight. There is an excellent opportunity to bring in more member/owners right now due to the frustration and realization many are having with large banks (see: Wells Fargo as one example).


Here are some additional suggestions:


1) Develop product offerings that support government entities, not-for-profit organizations, and political organizations from using Credit Unions (see: the city of Seattle). Also, BECU does not have the best product offerings to support needs of clubs, associations, and committees.


2) Share how the impact of the money staying within the community makes the dollars more impactful.


3) Organize member volunteer events that affect an area around BECU locations.


4) Focus attention on making the BECU family more inclusive and diverse- from the Board to executives, to staff, and to members.

BECU Employee

@shawnroland- Thanks for joining and jumping right in to share your thoughts. We appreciate your detailed and thoughtful input, I look forward to sharing this with our Cooperative Affairs area. You bring up some insightful opportunities to explore. Cheers, KristinA 


I'd like to see BECU take the lead in promoting cooperatives.  Other local coops that went big include REI and now, maybe PCC.  There are also the older farm coops still going, including one in Monroe.  My goal is to buy most of my goods and services from cooperatives.  If we don't keep cooperatives strong, the bad guys will try to rig the system so that coops are outlawed or made irrelevant.