Discounts are already available

I can get discounts from 5 or 6 other orgranizations that I belong to.  I don't need any more that I DON'T USE.   Save your time and money - and figure out how to give us a higher Interest Rate on our savings.   That would be a win-win for both of us.


While that may be true in your situation, that isn't necessarily everyone else's opinion. Some folks income is limited to such that if there weren't deals or discounts available, they maybe wouldn't have the opportunity to new experience's, eat out or purchase something really cool. I'm all for discounts and deals! Most importantly the majority of these types of services "should not" be costing BECU anything. Most companies offer these things because they know the power of numbers. These numbers  (members) utilizing the discounts increase the company's business.

Community Manager

Good morning @Salem240z! Welcome to the MIX and thanks for weighing in on this idea. Feedback from this thread has already been provided to our Marketing department for development of a future deals and discounts program.  I appreciate your view point and look forward to hearing more of your ideas in the community! JohnS