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Refarding the Survey...

I said I'd use Google Home on the first page, then the survey asked me questions about how I would use Alexa, which is not a device I would use at all.... seems kinda broken. Might want to change it to ask what kinds of tasks a user would like to use their 'unnamed' smart home device for.

I mean, I didn't answer the Alexa related questions at all, I wonder how many other people did the same?

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BECU Employee

@rckoegel- Thanks for taking the survey and also for sharing your experience and feedback here. We'll be sure to pass this along to the stakeholders for their consideration as they're digging into the results of the survey. You've sparked my interest though.... why Google Home and not Alexa? Sounds like you may have more valuable insights to share if you're willing! Cheers, KristinA