when you need change

seems trivial but i would like to be able to get change for laundry after hours somehow.  and ensure when i do indeed come into a branch to get rolls of quarters that the roll will indeed be ALL US currency. 

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Thanks for sharing @Tristan! Sorry you've had rolls that aren't all U.S. currency, that's frustrating for sure! I'll definely share this with our tellers. I'm also excited to see how other members of the community weigh in on your idea to get rolled coin after after hours. Thanks again! JohnS
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I would like to be able to deposit my change. I save my change then turn it in. It would be wonderful to be able to have a way to do this since the branches are money free and the ATM's aren't set up to take change. I would be happy to be able to deposit my change into my vacation account since that is what I am saving it for.

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Hi @flohelbig! Good news! Coinstar machines are available at our main Financial Centers in Everett and Tukwila where you can deposit all that coin for your vacation account! If you need help finding those locations, please check out our locations page. We also partner with a number of credit unions where you can access tellers who can take rolled coin at the teller window. Each credit union is different, so please be sure to verify fees and coin limits with them prior to making the trip (and rolling all the coin). Thanks! JohnS