savings accounts with higher interest rates .


Since all communication sent out concerning accounts, promotion etc..are via the internet, it would be beneficial to have a click over button to the various services available within the system. That could include, but not limited to, CD's with % of return, Savind %, Auto Loan Choices, Financial Programs for Investors, Home Loan rates etc. It would take the customer right to that page without having to do their own search. I know that there are services which are offered that would probably interest me due to being a member that I don't want to take the time. go in and have to research. They would be there at the click of a button. This would let all the BECU members know at their finger tips what is out there for them. 

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As a child of the Sixties, growing up before the advent of the debtcard, interest rates on Savings accounts was around 5%. Perhaps a return to this level of return would enhance participation in savings accounts.