mobile payment

an Becu binding application ( could also bind different your bank account if you want to), can developed to pay your bill in a very easy way i.e., shopping in Macys, online, starbucks, Jimjohns, even PSE power bill,  share the bill with your friends in resturant,  `ez gift card` to your kids by a easy barcode scan operation. 


you can even work with to get more business involved in and accept such payment method, then more end-users will find its benefits.


if it's easy enough, the more people will use it. 


becu probalby can have a sub-branch to start such Banking+IT combined business. 


I like becu and I hope some head in becu can consider it. 

BECU Employee

@huide- Thanks for joining the MIX and sharing your ideas! We like that you like us, we like you too! Once this idea gains additional community support we'll look forward to sharing it with our digital & payments experts. Cheers, KristinA 

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Hi @huide, this idea hasn't received any additional community support so the status is being updated. thanks again for sharing! JohnS