joint account - don't close when tax owner dies - affects autopays

Currently, BECU joint accounts are closed when the tax owner dies, even if the surviving account holder (the authorized signer) wants the account to remain open.  Most financial institutions do not close joint accounts with rights of survivorship when the tax owner dies.  It would be great if BECU could swap out the tax owner in these situations, instead of closing the account.  This would be especially helpful in the case of autopays, so that billers don't need to be informed of a new account number.  It would also be useful for the surviving person to be able to access the Bill Pay that had been set up by the deceased, perhaps porting everything over to the survivor's online account.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Further Consideration

Hi @anitak, we know this isn't an ideal situation. You're right, some other financial institutions are able to remove deceased account holders without closing the account. Our operating system only tax reports for the primary account signer, which doesn't allow much flexibility other than closing the account and reestablishing a new one that tax reports for the surviving joint.


In the case of switching billers from one account to another, we can print out a list of all the billers so the joint knows what merchants to add to their new bill pay. I've changed the status of your idea to "Further Consideration" because we know this is an experience we need to improve it just isn't within sight for the moment. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on support of this idea and will continue to advocate for change in this area. Thanks! JohnS


When a partner who you have a BECU joint account with dies, BECU should not require you to cancel the account.

You need it to pay the bills!  Please change this policy!