freezing accounts

I was in Spokane on a business trip with the husband and went to use my account for gas and card was declined.  Apparently fraudulent activity was found and they froze my account.  Great that they were proactive however I didnt receive any notification of such events till I tried to use my card and had to call the bank.  Then I had to find a local branch affiliate to pull out money.  It was such a huge hassle especially being in a foreign city.  I think an email or text alert about the issue and their course of action wouldve been sufficient and appreciated.  

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Yes! I’ve been thinking the same thing. I recently made a large purchase that brought me up to my daily debit card limit. Later I went to the grocery store and my debit card was declined at the register, even though I still had plenty of money left in my account. It was an embarrassing and highly inconvenient surprise that could have been avoided if I had received a text notification letting me know I had reached my daily purchase limit and my funds are frozen until the next day. Same thing happened a month later when I purchased something from a business overseas. It was marked for potential fraud, but I didn’t receive notification so I had another embarrassment at the checkout.