change up the mix bill mix in the ATM

Just a thought... I'm not sure how many members needed to pull all 100's from the ATM... but as the cache's can be set up to multiple denominations... how about potentially dropping the 100 denomination and add the 10 dollar denomination..   Just a thought.

BECU Employee

@Shepdog36- Thanks for joining the MIX and jumping right in! We're exploring the option to "pilot" a $5 denomination, but don't have any plans to remove the $100 option as we rely heavily on our ATMs for most cash transactions. Cheers, KristinA 


Seconded, although I would prefer $5 to $10 as an option.


OT:  It seems like the $10 and $50 bills are weird and unnecessary in the end.  I wonder how much money could be saved by not producing $10 and $50 bills.  If I were king of the world, we would knock off pennies and $50 bills, day one.  The $10 can stay for now.

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Hi @Chaotik_lord, welcome to the MIX! I appreciate your thoughts on adding $5's and $10's to our ATMs.  We do have a few locations that offer $5 denominations, which I've listed for you below in case any of them are convenient for you.  We did explore a $5 bill pilot last year, but currently don't have plans to add smaller denominations to our other machines as the cost of adding and servicing additional bills outweighs member demand at this time. Thanks! JohnS  


  • Seattle University (open M-F 9am-5pm)
  • UW - HUB (HUB hours)
  • Seattle Pacific University (24 hr access)
  • UW - Suzzallo   Starbucks (Library hours)
  • UW Bothell   (24 hr access)
  • Everett Community College (M-F 6:30am-9:30pm)

BECU should allow members the option to withdrawal from our accounts in increments of $5, rather than the mandatory $20 increments from all BECU ATM's.


*WSECU allows $5 increment withdrawals.


Thank you!