automatic doors for disabled member access

I use a 4-wheeled walker as a mobility aid and have a really difficult time getting in and out of my BECU branch doors at Northgate. Because the walker is navigated in front of me, I have to lean over it or around it to pull open a door. When leaving, I have to go out by pushing my back against a door to open it, which is not always safe for my balance. Please add an automatic door to facilitate entry for those of us who need a hands-free option.

Community Manager

Hi @Sparkie, thanks for joining the MIX and for sharing your experience with us! I've shared your comments directly with our facilities team as our members safety and comfort is very important to us. I'll keep you updated on further details when I learn more. Have a great weekend! JohnS

Community Manager
Status changed to: Further Consideration

@Sparkie We’ve learned from our Facilities planning partners that locations are evaluated individually for automatic door access and we’re currently assessing our overall approach going forward to include more automatic doors. Thank you for lending your voice to the importance and safety of a hands-free option by sharing your experience with us! JohnS


I also use a walker and need automatic doors. Do you not want the disabled customers? Your doors are HEAVY!!!

Community Manager

@mover Welcome to the MIX community! We welcome and enjoy helping all of our members and I thank you for lending your voice to this idea. I will continue to share feedback with our facilities team. Have a great day! JohnS