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Workshops at Branch Locations



I am trying to start using the BECU app and online services to manage my funds and have run into a lot of areas where I just have so many questions it would take forever for a customer representative to answer them. I'm wondering if BECU has any plans to offer workshop sessions with members to show them how to access their financial dashboard and manage their account, pay bills, load in other accounts and use BECU to keep track of their finances. I've been using a lot of great features in BECU and I'm certain I am missing a lot of features that are available.


Thanks in advance.



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Community Manager

Hi @heathrayhay I love this idea! We don't have any upcoming plans to host these types of workshops but I totally see the opportunity and value in the idea (if only it was up to me). I'm definitely going to share this internally to gauge interest. In the meantime I wanted to let you know there's is a great help section in Money Manager. You can access this when you're logged in to the full site, by clicking on Money Manager and then the little "?" on the right side of the activity screen. Thanks for sharing and welcome to the MIX! JohnS