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Will bill pay ever get updated?

I see many posts from a year or two ago, asking for improvements to bill pay. Going into 2019, we should have full bill pay features on the app and improved functionality on the site. Will this ever be implemented?


I have been considering switching my bill paying account to another bank which has a full-featured app.

Community Manager

Hello @gadget. Currently, Bill Pay within the mobile app allows you to:


•Schedule bill payments for the soonest possible arrival date or a future date
•Add new payees
•Edit or delete payees
•View or cancel scheduled payments


Would you mind elaborating on what full bill pay features in the app and improved functionality on the site includes? This will help me position your feedback when I share your comments with our digital team. Thanks! JohnS






I should be able to see all my billers in a list, with their account number. I should be able to see which ones are due, when they are due, how much they are for. I should be able to click on the amount due and have it fill the date to pay. Then I should be able to schedule the payment. I would like to be able to see pending payments and recent payments too.


These are all features I can access, poorly, using my phone's web browser, but I shouldn't have to do that to manage my bills. This has been my primary reason for visiting the web site for the last decade or so, and it should be implemented in the app by now.


Thanks for your consideration.



I think I agree with you, what specific bill pay features do you mean?