Why use POP to transfer money to other BECU members?

It seems odd to me that to transfer oney from one account to another within BECU, th money has to be transfered using POP and takes days. This process should take the same route as when a payment is made from checking acount to BECU visa or when money is transfered from one account to another held by the same person. There is no logical or technical reason this can't be done as other financial institutions have done.


There is a service within BECU that is an immediate trasnfer. However, you have to call tem or talk to them in person to set up an account to which you want to transfer. Than the transaction takes seconds 

Yes--and also payments made from a checking account to a BECU credit card should post instantly--seeing as the money is removed from the checking account instantly. The money is held hostage for a day or so.

BECU should create an app like VENMO that transfers money easily like Squarecash and it can go into any account not only BECU members, but should only be available to BECU members.


  It would have been more convenient if at BECU app on iPhone we could make an external transfers. The only transfer a user can do with the application is only between accounts with BECU..

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Allow internal and external transfers to be processed in the same view vs. separate. Simplify personal to business account transfer setup (simple online setup). Remove limits and holds on external transfers amounts.

It would be nice if Bill Pay and Pop Money were more tightly integrated with both the BECU web page and mobile app. Right now BP and PM are separate sites. It takes multiple clicks and pop up windows to just check on upcoming payments. I'd like to see those right on my BECU home page or the main page of the mobile app.


Thanks for considering this idea!!



When a bill comes in to pay it requires way too many clicks to get to the area with BECU to pay the actual bill.
Even BECU provides an email with a link to pay the bill we must click on multiple pages before we can pay the bill.
It would be nice if two things would be enhanced.
1. The links in the emails took us to the specific area within the web site to perform the task. Including setting the amount and date.
2. A user could save a favorite web page location to the front end so within 2 clicks they can be paying the bill.
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@vahid66- Fear not! We're exploring ways to make these transfers immediate and at no cost. Stay tuned here for details! Cheers, KristinA 

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@sekruh1988- We're currently evaluating real-time payment solutions, thanks for sharing your idea and check back here for updates. Cheers, KristinA