Why use POP to transfer money to other BECU members?

It seems odd to me that to transfer oney from one account to another within BECU, th money has to be transfered using POP and takes days. This process should take the same route as when a payment is made from checking acount to BECU visa or when money is transfered from one account to another held by the same person. There is no logical or technical reason this can't be done as other financial institutions have done.


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Could you make Business to Personal account transfer not an "External Transfer" that takes 3 business days? Since both of my accounts are on BECU, I was hoping that it would be instantaneous (at least, same day). This is instant in my other businesses using Bank of America and Wells Fargo.


I have asked about this on the phone when I started the first BECU Business Account a few years ago and was told that it was being worked on; but apparently not.


Thank you.

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@lll0228- Thanks for joining the discussion here! We do have an alternative solution to offer for your suggestion that will allow you to transfer money between your business and personal accounts right away within your online banking. It does require filling out and submitting a form, but then you'll be all set. You can access the form on becu.org here and then mail, fax or drop it off at your nearest location. Hope this helps in the meantime! Cheers, KristinA 

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Good news everyone, we're working on this! Check out the sneak peek here. JohnS


Using PopMoney (Pay Other People) is cumbersome on mobile devices.  Using an app or being able to access it easily from the BECU app would be really nice and convenient.



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