Why do I have to give On Line Banking my location?

If I don't click on "Share Location" when logging into Banker on Line, it can take several minutes for the log-in info page to load. Sometimes it never does load and I have to start over. Why do I have to provide this information, anyway?

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Hi @Oz Thanks for sharing! You aren't required to share your location with us. Typically, the website will only ask you once for your location and you have the option to "block" or "allow". What you're describing doesn't sound like the expected experience so I've reached out to our web analytics team to let them know this is happening. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! JohnS


Iould prefer not having to answer the "allow"
 or "deny" question once and for all. Why not allowing me to select "deny" as default? But that wasn't my point. My point was gthat when I DO allow for once, my data load more reliably and MUCH more quickly?

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@Oz I'm not sure why your data would be loading slower when you select "deny". I'm checking into this for you and will follow up as soon as I have more info. Thanks! JohnS

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@Oz Just doing some idea organization and I'm updating the status. If you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a PM. Thanks JohnS