Website Feature to make donations to Causes

Please provide some feature on website that allows members to make donations for various causes e.g. Northwest Harvest or Redcross, etc.
Community Manager

Hi @rtali we love getting behind causes that are important to our members and community! Could you clarify your idea a bit further? Are you suggesting links to the charitable organizations' individual websites, or a way to make transferring directly from your account easier? Thanks, JohnS

I was thinking about being able to transfer directly to charities from BECU Account through Online/Mobile Banking
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Thanks @rtali, I'll do some recon on this idea - I'm not aware that it's anywhere on a roadmap for improvement currently. Right now, you can definitely set up a new payee in Online Bill Pay and be able to quickly send a check when you wish to donate. Also you may possibly be able to use PopMoney (although I'm unsure about functionality with all charities) So more to come! Have a great weekend! JohnS 


YES! A place to add non-profits, such as my childrens school, to anybodys account for donations and to show that monies where donatied to said non-profit. Also a way for the non-profit to open an account for monies to be added from family and friends of BECU members to be put on the bottom of oue website page to simplify the donation prosess. 

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