Waive ATM fees at non partner credit unions

I was under the impression that all or most credit unions are partners with BECU and that I could use their atm's

but it seems that is not the case and many credit unions still charge BECU customers $3 dollars for using their atm's


I get that other banks may charge but can BECU expand their network of partner organizations or waive the fee if its a credit union they are not yet working with?

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After further consideration and research, we've got something in the works around ATM fee waivers. Stay tuned here for updates! Cheers, KristinA 


I have friends that use other banks that reimburse them whenever they use a non-BECU ATM - regardless if its another credit union, big bank, etc.  BECU should be a leader and do the same.  I'm seriously considering these other banks for this sole reason alone.  It is a huge savings over a year, and let's be honest - why do I have to pay to use my own money?  

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Welcome to the MIX, @becuidearondo1 and thanks for weighing in on this topic. We do have plans to reimburse ATM fees, but I don't have a hard date when this will begin. Check out the latest on all things "fees" in this blog from August. You can bet the MIX community will be in the know when we have more details! Have a great afternoon! JohnS


While I am aware of the multiple free ATMs available, it is still an extra step I have to take to locate one. One thing my other bank offers is ATM fee reversals (up to $40 a month). What I love about this is I can use my ATM anywhere without thinking twice about it. Sometimes it can be a hassle to locate a free ATM within the BECU network when there is one right in front ot me. This would have me closing my other account and utilizing the BECU debit card a lot more.

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Hi @KatieThurston Thanks for sharing. We're hard at work to turn this idea into reality. Stay tuned here for additional details towards the beginning of 2018! JohnS


I'm excited to hear what comes of this.

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ATM fee refunds are here! Check out all the details here! Thanks to @schova1 for sharing this idea! JohnS