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WSU debit cards

Any chance BECU can start offering WSU debit cards since you currently offer UW debit cards? As a diehard Cougar, I can't have that purple and gold card in my wallet.

I think this is a no-brainer.  WSU license plates are issued at a rate of almost 2-1 vs. UW.  It seems that far more WSU alumni stay in the state vs. UW alumni.  I can't wait to show my WSU Pride with a BECU Debit Card!!!!!!


How about a Western Washington debit card also. I went there and would love to show my pride.

BECU Employee
Status changed to: Under BECU Review

We totally agree and can't wait to start offering a WSU debit card. We've been actively working on this with the university and hope to have an agreement soon! We'll make sure our MIXers are the first to know when we have something in development for this! 


Also, here's some additional info on our exciting new partnership with WSU!

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Status changed to: On the Radar

@Marisa1212- We're still anxiously awaiting to hear if we'll get a partnership opportunity with WSU so in the meantime, updating your idea status. We'll keep you posted here as we learn news. Cheers, KristinA 


Sadly this website is missing a thumbs down button.


I think i submit this suggestion every 6 months just to try and get traction. I hope they do. 


Go Cougs!

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@Bhall14 - Welcome to the community! Thanks for the reminders on this - it's definitely on our radar! Right now WSU is partnered with another bank for their debit card. We're proud WSU Athletics sponsors and if our partnership grows we'll let you know. Stay tuned! JohnS


Couldnt agree more. I have the Sounders card but am more a Coug then a Rave Green. Please bring a WSU card!!!


@KristinA , @JohnS How do we get this thing into the Under BECU Review? 

Community Manager

@Bhall14 Love your persistence! There are various moving parts to this idea, an important one being that WSU is still under contract with another financial institution. As soon as that's up, we'll negotiate to see if it can be us! At that point we'll be sure to share any updates and likely change the status to "Under BECU Review". Thanks for asking! JohnS