WSU debit cards

Any chance BECU can start offering WSU debit cards since you currently offer UW debit cards? As a diehard Cougar, I can't have that purple and gold card in my wallet.

Do we really want our financial institution Cougin It??!

If we can restrict alcohol purchases on this card, maybe we won't have so many overdrafts,  but then that point I don't think the Cougs will even want the card.


@JohnS, Any updates on a WSU card offering? The coug win this weekend got me thinking about this. 


Yes please! Butch Cougar we need you!




Is there going to be a WSU debit card soon? I mean BECU is sponsoring the Crimson & Gray game! We want a WSU debit card from BECU! #gocougs 

Hey Cougs!

I know this idea has already been posted but I recently joined BECU and was asked if I wanted to get the UW card. As a 2008 WSU alum I said no thanks Robot Happy How about a WSU card!! I contacted the Alumni Association and they said “they would look into it in the future.” Not much hope! I love BECU but we need to represent both major universities in Washington! Any progress on this happening? I have to believe even though we are in “Husky Territory” there is enough Coug pride to make this happen. What will it take?



We need a COUG card! 

Take it to next COUG alumni in Seattle meeting and encourage everyone to start asking for this as well.  There are a lot of Cougars in the area, I’ll wager there is legitimate interest. 


As a Coug working for UW, I would particularly enjoy having a CougarCard™️ 🤣

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Status changed to: In Development

Good morning All! Thank you for supporting the idea of BECU partnering with WSU to offer a Cougs debit card. Earlier this week, we announced an expanded partnership with WSU and we're excited about our expanded relationship which will create new scholarship opportunities, provide a new financial awareness education platform, and support existing financial literacy efforts for WSU students. In addition, we're working out some more sponsorship details, including a WSU debit card. Members will be the first to know when we have more information. Go Cougs! JohnS

So exciting the status changed to “In Development!” We are getting closer!!! Let’s keep at it Coug Fans!!!! Go Cougs! 

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Status changed to: Idea Built

Good news, everyone! WSU cards are now available! Check our website for more information. JohnS