Visa card updates and subsequent missed payments

BECU recently issued me a new VISA card (out of cycle) with a new expiration date and CCV number.  Because I use my VISA for just about everything I normally do during the month -- including a number of automatic payments for utilities -- to maximize travel points, this meant going out to each of several dozen sites and updating this information on the vendor's site. Depending on the vendor, in some cases I had to delete and start autopay over again, which meant making other arrangements for that month's payment.


It seems like there ought to be a way to streamline reissuing cards with new expiration dates to make this update task easier on everyone. Ideas:  designate certain regular payments as ones to be paid if the amount is within a given range similar to past payments when the payee is a utilities type of provider with a long track record on my card, or if I designate the payee as a trusted vendor, and if the only issue is an expiration date and / or a CCV number. When it makes the first of these "exception" payments, BECU would also fire off a memo to me as the cardholder to remember to inform the vendor of the changed data. I really like the convenience of autopayments and the ability to rack up travel points, but each expiration date change can have ramifications for weeks when payments are refused just because the expiration date is wrong.