Using mobile phone for transfers/payments

There are times when I have either made a payment using my mobile phone, or transfered money. I am given a confirmation number afterwards but rarely have pencil/paper handy. I would like the ability to send my transaction to my email so I can then print out or file my transaction. I still go by 'trust and verify!'


What do you think?

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@eym1942 Knowing where your money goes is important and I like that you're actively tracking your spending! I'm interested to see how the community responds to the idea of  having more email options for these types of transactions. Thanks for sharing! JohnS






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Hi @eym1942 Just a quick note to let you know we’re updating the status of your idea since it hasn’t receive any additional comments. Thanks for sharing! JohnS


Never saw this post and now it is inactive. I think that would be a great idea.