Update bill payment

I used Bill Payment to schedule monthly payments for various places, I woud love it if this was part of the website and not in some pop-up. It also looks really dated and could use a little love to make it easier to use (it's cumbersome to schedule new payments).


Also, this isn't available via the mobile app, would love to be able to do this on my phone.

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@grumpykitten- We're looking to make additional bill payment enhancements in our mobile app so stay tuned. Cheers, KristinA 

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 Hey @grumpykitten just a quick update to let you know that we've enhanced your bill payment functionality in the app. Check out the new enhancements here


When I am scheduling several bills for payment, and one is a "zero balance", if I flag that bill to be "filed" all of my other scheduled payments are erased.

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Hi @701PY, I'm sorry this is happening. It definitely sounds like this is something we should troubleshoot, as this isn't the desired experience. You can reach one of our Technical Support Analysts at 800-233-2328. Thanks, JohnS


 I'm new to BECU and I was really surprised at some of the payment limitations:


Unable to schedule payments greater than 10 days from current date.

Unable to schedule payments if current balance is not enough.

Unable to edit series of recurring payments (the series has to be deleted and a new one made).

Unable to schedule auto loan payments (only same day payments are allowed).


Hopefully some of these are being considered in the bill payment update plan.

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Hi @dhermosillo, we know we have some room to improve with our Bill Pay service and I'll definitely be sharing your feedback with our digital team. I did want to take a moment to address some of your concerns as you've shared in your post.


I've confirmed the system will allow you to schedule payments out as far out as 1 year. When you're selecting a payment date, the calendar days shown in blue are available dates. The system also allows you to schedule a payment for more than you have available in your account, I tried this through my own bill pay and it allowed me to schedule it. 


I do need some clarification regarding your comment about scheduling auto loan payments. Are you attempting to schedule an automatic payment to your BECU auto loan? Feel free to shoot me a private message so I can make sure I'm addressing your concerns accurately. Thanks, JohnS