Trigger billpay, transfers, etc based upon events, for example - payroll deposit.

This feature would allow people to time their banking events based upon when their accounts were updated rather than by time/date.  Many of us are paid bi-weekly or have varying pay schedules.  It makes it difficult to schedule automatic banking events.  Sendinig notification of when these occur would be useful as well.

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Fantastic idea.

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@TBarnes005- Thanks for this idea! After reviewing with our Digital team, we wanted to share that we have some cash flow management functionality coming to Money Manager, which will help members on biweekly and varying pay schedules budget more easily. Stay tuned here for when it becomes available, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Cheers, KristinA 


Because I pay bills on payday every 2 weeks I keep a old fashioned paper ledger in my office to project which bills.will be paid off of each check.  It would be nice to have a calendar format for my bills so i could input the day of the montg each bill gets paid and i could.easily see what may cash outlay is for any given check down the road.


I also have a few bills that come out of my account directly without going through bill pay.  It would 've nice to be able to enter those into my budget without having to select a BECU acct to take the money from.


Oh sweet heavens yes please!! I’m paid on the 10th and 25th of every month, which can make planning for auto withdrawals a massive pain... especially when the 10th or 25th happens to be a holiday or on the weekend. Getting overdrafted because I have the rule set for day X but payday is 3 days late due to a holiday weekend, and goes out on day Z... a very broke weekend that is for me.