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Travel Notice

Would love it if BECU's website allowed us to post a travel notice on line.


Yes, in general, it would be great if BECU transactions were monitored for security-related activity, much like what is provided by the big banks... e.g. out of town activity, duplicate transactions, high gratuities, etc... with notifications and customer response mechanisms.

BECU Employee
Status changed to: Under BECU Review

@1Goofyidea- We totally agree and you'll be happy to hear this is an upcoming planned effort. Stay tuned here for updates! Cheers, KristinA 


I've had calls from BECU before when I started making large transactions for school-related payments. The monitoring is definitely there, but I agree that notifying the bank that we're traveling could avoid unwanted headaches.


It seems the BECU's system isn't quite setup for those who travel professional reasons . I spend about half the year  working outside the country for extended periods  in numerous countries .  But when I called to put in a notice and told them just add frequent travel to western Europe for next five years  ( after getting a bit frustrated with  talking with a BECU rep  who didn't seem to grasp this concept,  he seemed to think people travel for vacation about once a year ) 


My other bank HSBC allows me to do this online  without a hassle.

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Status changed to: In Development

@1Goofyidea- Travel notification in online banking is in the works! We're excited to be bringing you the ability to self-manage your travel notifications. Stay tuned here for additional details and timeframe for when we hope to deliver this new functionality in the coming year! Cheers, KristinA 

It'd be great if there was a way I could share a travel notice on the ap. I always find myself making phone calls or sending emails while I'm on my way to whatever destination I am visiting.
Community Manager

Hey @Carol, I moved your post earlier to keep ideas in the same thread, but the title of your post didn't carry over and I wanted to make sure the rest of the community is able to see what you said: 



Travel notice in online banking and app has been "in development" for a year now. This should've been a higher priority than changing the logo. What's taking so long?

BECU Employee

@ABGG89- Thanks for checking in and keeping us accountable; you're right. Typically we only status ideas as "In Development" if we're planning to deliver them within 12 months and yes, we've clearly passed the mark on bringing you travel notes (thus far). We know it's much anticipated and has huge time-saving and convenience benefits, we're looking forward to it ourselves. I do know we're planning for internal testing soon, which means we're getting closer to being able to make travel notifications available to you online. We'll provide updates here as we learn more about the timing. Cheers, KristinA