Travel Notice

Would love it if BECU's website allowed us to post a travel notice on line.


Any updates on this? I travel frequently and this is a major convenience issue. Also, will this be on both the web and mobile application?


I would love it, if they would do this and more online. With BECU being shut down over the weekends and providing us, the members, with an auto phone service is unsatisfactory. I am overseas and I end up calling BECU once every few months because of a security issue, which I am grateful. However, it comes at an inopportune time and I have to wait and call BECU, when they are open. Not to mention the toll free number does not work 50% of the time or more because the telecommunication companies are corrupt in the nation I am compelled to serve. Online access would be quite beneficial, as well as immediate updates and notification of my credit card and accounts, instead of this 'turtle-like' updating process BECU has now.

Community Manager

Good morning @lt thanks for checking in on this! We're looking forward to launching travel notes in Online Banking and we're currently in the final stages of testing to make sure everything is working as planned. Our goal is to have this available in the coming weeks after testing wraps up, and I'll provide more details when I have them. Also, Travel Notifications will initially be available only through Online Banking. A Mobile App enhancement is on the roadmap, but I don't have a date yet for when that will be available. Stay tuned for more! JohnS  


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Status changed to: Idea Built

Online Travel Notifications is here! You can find out more details in this article. Thanks @1Goofyidea for sharing this idea! JohnS