Transfer description field

When transferring money from account to account (i.e. savings to checking), it would be really nice to have a description field available so that as I'm looking through my online history, I can remember why certain transfers were made.


On a related this how you submit ideas for "Mix"?

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@scottrv Thanks for your patience as I was waiting on an update from our digital partner on the status of this idea. Although there aren't immediate plans to add this in Online Banking given some of the other enhancements in development, this definitely still has our eye, given it's popularity in the community. I will continue to share community support as I receive it and provide updates when I have them. Thanks! JohnS

It would be awesome if we could add notes to our transactions. Cookie trails if you will.
If I transfer money to another account add a memo/note why I did it.
Then when you add the ability to transfer among members you can also add a note like a check would have.
Having this ability and for it to show on statements becomes a financial trail or dare I call it electronic ledger (for the old school).
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@KBurr1 Thanks for adding your support for this idea! JohnS


I would love it if I could edit the description line of my transactions. The goal is to have my edit show on my PRINTED bank statements. Other banks have allowed this for many years.


I do not use Money Manager. I have no need for it.