Transfer description field

When transferring money from account to account (i.e. savings to checking), it would be really nice to have a description field available so that as I'm looking through my online history, I can remember why certain transfers were made.


On a related this how you submit ideas for "Mix"?


I like this idea. 

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Good morning @MoxieBliss and welcome to the MIX! Thanks for adding your thoughts on this idea and examples of where it's done well. I'm with you, adding transaction descriptions can be very helpful, especially when you have multiple people doing transactions. We continue to advocate for transaction description fields internally and we'll let you know when we have further updates! Thanks, JohnS


To add to this idea...

Add a dropdown list that the user can modify and eventually use to sort through transfers.


wanting to make this suggestion was the whole reason i signed up here Robot Happy  i would really like to see this feature.  in addition, transfers made to my account from an account other than mine colud show something more than the account number - preferably a name.  i don't know if that can be done, but it would be nice.  if someone transfers money to me, it often just give the account number (i'm thinking of another BECU customer), and it can be tricky to sort out who sent it.



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@Arcstyles & @briannastuart- Thanks for joining the MIX and lending your voice to this idea, it's a popular one! As John shared, we really are continuing to advocate for this top idea with our internal partners- it's a small but mighty feature enhancement and your comments help support the member demand. Cheers, KristinA 


It would be awesome for me to be able to note why am transfering between my accounts - whether personal or joint. I want to be able to transfer between my acounts and to my family and notate what the transfer is for. Is for the power bill? Is it for my share of the dinner check? Is it fo funzies? Please add a memo line. Plese.

Thank you.


Like other BECU members before me, I would like to request a "memo" be optionally associated with transfers between accounts. I joined the idea exchange to suggest this and would like to point out that it is now Feb 2018, >1.5 years after the idea of a "Transfer description field" was suggested.


I signed up with BECU because of the awesome savings plans you offer for kids and followed the suggestions of a post on your site: for each kid I set up a (6%!) "save" account, as well as a "spend" account (linked to a debit card), and a "share" account (from which they make charitable gifts during the holidays). It's all been great ethically and educationally, but as a result...


...we have LOTS of accounts and transfers between them. There are scheduled transfers like allowances from parent checking to kid spending, paired with weekly parental contributions to each kids' "share account." There are many intermittent transfers like a parent paying a kid back for a family expense that the child paid for with their debit card, or a kid paying a parent back, or one kid paying the other kid. I can't tell you the time my old brain has failed and I have to ask, "Wait -- did XXX pay YYY for ZZZ already?"


So, you see it would be SUPER-helpful to be able to quickly add a short phrase when executing the transfer, like "ice cream." Looking at the current transfer form -- 

 Screenshot 2018-02-03 23.50.21.png

-- it seems like it could go right below the "Amount" field, labeled "Memo," and maybe folowed with "(optional)". That doesn't seem to complex, right?


And then when you displayed your transfer history --  

Screenshot 2018-02-03 17.48.56.png



-- those phrases could show up in a column just left of the "Amount" column, e.g. From Dad... To Daughter..  Ice cream payback... $8.00... Posted.


It's not rocket science! And we're a community of (Boeing) rocket scientists!

Let's get this done before the 2-year anniversary -- by June, 2018.

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Welcome to the community @scottrv and thanks for your compelling, thoughtful and visual support of adding a transfer description field. I love the example you provided about your kids' "save", "spend" and "share" accounts and I can totally understand how adding this feature could help jog the memory - I need it too! I'll continue to share this idea internally and will provide updates when I have them. Thanks again for being here and for adding your voice to the conversation! JohnS


I'm in the process of migrating our banking to BECU. I just submitted a request very similar to this through e-mail, and the e-mail reply directed me to this forum. Having that description on the printout would be very beneficial for bookkeeping to help identify the reason for the transfer.


Hey @JohnS -- Any updates you can offer us on this idea?

Maybe this could be added as feature next year? Pretty please?!?