Transfer description field

When transferring money from account to account (i.e. savings to checking), it would be really nice to have a description field available so that as I'm looking through my online history, I can remember why certain transfers were made.


On a related this how you submit ideas for "Mix"?

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I appreciate your candor and I think it's great that you've shared this idea @lslaughter! It's awesome that so many other community members have added their support via kudos and comments. That shows it's important to our members and is why we shared that information with our Digital team. Like I said before, this is on our radar. Since there are other enhancements currently in development, it won't happen immediately and we'll definitely keep you up to date with new information as we get it. Thanks! JohnS


I also find money manager to be more confusing than useful. Not sure if this is the place to comment on it, but it confuses which account has what to me.  

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Hey @Jhavener welcome to the MIX! Thanks for sharing your experience. I know it can be a confusing tool, but there are some handy how-to guides in Money Manger when you click on the Help button (question mark) in the top right corner. I can tell you from experience that it gets more intuitive every time you use it! JohnS


I don't find money manager helpful. I'd much prefer a simple memo option for transfers (first priority) and for all other transactions (lower priority).

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@PolarBear- Thanks for joining the MIX and chiming in on this discussion. We're advocating for this internally and will provide updates as we learn them! Cheers, KristinA 


I see that this topic is still quite live. I'm going to throw in another vote to say that I would love to see transfer notes field in both the website as well as the apps. I use the apps more extensively. Thanks!

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@sophiaya78 Thanks for throwing in your vote - we can always use more support for these ideas! Thanks! JohnS


I have been asking for this same thing for 2-3 years.  All of my family's accounts are linked and it would be so helpful to know why money was being transferred to the various accounts.  Many other banking institutions already provide this ability.  A big thumbs up on this one!

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Welcome to the community @BigSteve! Thanks for throwing in your vote for transfer description fields - we think it would be useful too and we continue to share this internally. We'll let you know when we have further updates! Thanks, JohnS




My boyfriend and I decited to take the next step! We got a joint account. It's a blessing to be able to do so with a credit union but it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the transactions. 


I suggest having a comment box that can be linked with the transactions and transfers. If editted it can keep the history of edits as well. This way we can communicate to eachother (not to mention myself) the purpose of a deposit or transaction. Tags would be nice to have as well, on both the desktop and moble services. 


Some companies you can look into which provide this feature are:

Washington State Employee's Credit Union (WSECU)


This would promote communication, connection, and financial responsibility 


Thank you