Transfer description field

When transferring money from account to account (i.e. savings to checking), it would be really nice to have a description field available so that as I'm looking through my online history, I can remember why certain transfers were made.


On a related this how you submit ideas for "Mix"?

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Welcome to The MIX! Right now we have 3 open idea exchanges that we're seeking input on. You can find them under Featured Pursuits. We'll share your idea for a future pursuit. Robot Happy Stacey

I agree- this feature would be useful to me.

Yes please! This would be so helpful. I've asked for this for years, as I have this option with another banking institution and it makes bookkeeping sigficicantly easier. Please consider adding this!

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This sounds like a great idea! I, too, like to keep track of my spending in this way and would find this super helpful!

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@lslaughter- Thanks for being one of our first idea contributors! We're checking in with the digital experts on our side to see what's possible, stay tuned for updates here. Cheers, KristinA  

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 I actually came on here to recommend the same thing! As an employee and member, we receive many requests about this topic. I actually received a request today for a member for feedback on this subject. It is extremely helpful to know which account your are sending money too or if you'd like to leave a memo for better record keeping. The potential effect this has is much time spent having to review which account is which if you do not have your account numbers memorized.


Great Idea!!

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Hi @lslaughter! We've evaluated this idea internally and although there aren't immediate plans to add this in Online Banking given some of the other enhancements in development, this definitely still has our eye, given it's popularity in the community. In the meantime, I wanted to share that you're able to add transaction descriptions in Money Manager. Here's how:


  1. Open Money Manger
  2. Locate the account you transferred to or from
  3. Click on the transfer transaction
  4. Hover cursor over the memo line and select "click to edit"
  5. Edit the memo to read what you want

You will then see in the transaction history in Money Manager a green annotation next to the amount. Clicking on this will allow you to see the transaction description you entered. Also, your edited description will display when you download your history to CSV. JohnS


Well that's disappointing.  Money manager navigation is not very intuitive to me, so I never use it.  


I'm not trying to be a jerk, but I'm not sure the point of suggesting things on here if the really popular suggestions don't get prioritized.