Text version of all transactions for a fiscal quarter or a year to help with itemizing

It would be nice to have a JSON (or csv) file easily downloadable with all transactions for an account covering the past tax year.  When preparing my taxes, I end up having to print out all of last year's statements to itemize deductions, then search visually, then re-enter the numbers to sum them up.  I really don't have a use for pdf statements, except when it comes time to apply for a loan.  To have the whole fiscal year in one structured plain JSON/ASCII file would save many pages printed, and would be *so* much faster to search.


This is similar to my increased transaction history request.  I support this proposal.

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My issue is, when I make multiple payments of the same amount through Bill Pay, I can't tell which have cleared and which have not. It would be VERY helpful to print the payee on the statement, in addition to or instead of, the system-generated check number. There is no tie between Bill Pay and the checking account transaction history unless you open each individual check. This information (payee name) would also be helpful for reconciling my checkbook.


I would be happy to supply more information if this is not clear.



PDFs are archaic and not useful in a paperless world. JSON, or even CSV, would make statements actually useful. I have to believe (I hope this is true...) that somewhere behind the scenes the data that generates these PDF statements for all accounts are in a more useful format. Why not make that data conveniently available to us, and kept in our history permanently, in a flexible, machine-readable format?


While I don't disagree with JE's idea, I for one would NOT want to see PSDF files abandoned.

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@bolpin You can download a CSV file of the previous 12 months of transaction history using Money Manager in Online Banking. This will allow you to easily search transactions without having to print a ton of PDF statements and manually search through. If you have any questions, please let me know. JohnS


I would add that an annual report that itemizes spending by category would be hugely helpful.