Support/Education for Younger Generation 1st Time Home Buyers.


It would be nice to have an education service where young adults that have just finished college and have started their 1st time job or career and are ready to purchase their first home/condo.   It would be nice to have assistance with helping them go through the process of how to ask for a letter of approval and other information to get them started on a first time home loan/purchase.   

It would be nice if they could come in and do this on their own without the help of their parents.   

It would be nice if their was a class or someone that could let them know what is required to be able to be a first time homeowner. What to ask for.    

To go over information and give them an approval letter to see exactly where they are at,  and/or how close they are to being able to buy their own home or condo.    




There is already a class and is required by several lenders prior to closing. It is put together by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission.

I cannot tell you if the class is offered thru BECU as my home loan isnt going through them. It would be very helpful to those at BECU as first time buyers but I liked the class and learned alot. The website is

It was free and is 5 hours long.

Many topics are covered.

Hope this helps

BECU Employee
Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

@lotta7- We love that you're thinking about education and support for our youth and younger members. And thanks @Kat1966 for sharing that great resource!


We have many seminars and online webinars relating to first time home buying, budgeting, auto purchases and more! Check it out on our website here, and if there is a topic you are interested in but don't see, feel free to share it with us. Cheers, KristinA