Simplify the incoming wire transfer process

As of now if I want to have a wire transfer sent to my account, it needs to go through an intermediary bank. Could this be removed in the future so that I can just send wire transfers directly to BECU? Some banks, especially in other countries, either can't use an intermediary or just don't know how as it's somewhat unusual in certain parts of the world.

Community Manager
Status changed to: On the Radar

Hi @optical! The reason why we currently use an intermediary bank to send and receive international funds is because BECU doesn't have an International BIC (Bank Identifier Code)/Swift Code. We're exploring alternatives but don't have anything close to implementing, so stay tuned for more! For the time being, we do have a handy tool on our website here, listing all the necessary information to provide to those who are sending money. JohnS


It would also be helpful to see more details about international bank transfers -- such as the origional currency and any currency transfer or conversion fees. When contacting customer service, they stated they do not have access to that information.

Community Manager

Hi @wakeroh, I'm sorry we told you we don't have access to that info. If you've sent a wire or received a foreign transfer, we can definitely provide the original currency and conversion rates. We don't charge our members for incoming wires, so you may need to confirm that information with the bank that originated the wire. Let me know if you have any questions. JohnS