Simplify ATMs for better access

The ATM instructions and processes are a bit too complicated. The lines are long, and in some cases dangerous as cars back up into driving lanes. Consider taking a look at the ATM instructions and steps and simplify them so that we can use the ATMs more easily. We use an ATM at a different Credit Union for our BECU transactions for that reason.  We would prefer to use the BECU ATMs.

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@PriyaTessa- We are continually looking at the ATM experience and how we can improve the transaction and overall process flow. In talking with our ATM area, it sounds like we have some limitations in controlling the ATM software or transaction processor.


With that being said, would you be willing to share your specific feedback/suggestions for change in process flow so we can see if it is possible? Also, please share with us what you like about the other ATM process, or which credit union it is, so we can check it out for ourselves. Thank you and cheers, KristinA


 Sure. I'll make notes over the next couple of weeks. One non-technical suggestion is to either increase the brightness or provide a hood of some sort to block incidential light. It's almost impossible to see the screen on sunny days.  But, a I said, I'll try different transactions and then provide some feedback.If i can throw in some screen shots from my phone I will. 

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