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Show Current Balance by subtracting any checks pending in Online BillPay

Right now, a member cannot see how much is really in the account after paying bills. If a payment has been logged into the payment module, it should be easy to reflect that pending payment in the current balance. Since it's all electronic, there shouldn't be any lag time and it would be much more like writing a check down in a check register and subtracting it as you go.


Once the payment module has all the checks submitted for payment, the current balance should reflect everything BECU knows is outgoing from the account.


I could definitely use this process for everything I do is online and it would be a positive for my finances.


I love the Payments function, the ability to ask BECU to prepare and mail checks, for I have a tremor in my hands, making it difficult to write checks. However (comma) it would be nice if the future payment amount I have set up in Payments would show up in my Checking account as a Pending expenditure. I depend on Online Banking, and use my mobile app, too (although it isn't as functional of course, as regular online banking).

I have mentioned this in BECU Mix before. WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN???

Thank you.

Community Manager

Thank you @alltojah and @eym1942 for your continued support of this idea. Your feedback has been shared with our Digital team for consideration in future enhances. Have a great day! JohnS


I just received an email saying my comments were merged with the current thread on this subject. I brought this up last fall in the Mix. The comment from JohnnS tells me this is far down on the 'consideration' list for BECU. I want this issue bumped UP! Has BECU MIX brought about ANY change in the system, either mobile or online banking? I would like to know. Is it worth bringing up ideas if nothing comes of it.

Community Manager

Hi @eym1942 Thanks for continuing our conversation. The idea you posted yesterday was similar to the ideas shared in this thread. Instead of having multiple singular ideas of the same theme, my goal is to consolidate the ideas to ensure they display a cumulative representation of community support. Merging similar ideas also allows us, internally, to identify popular ideas and helps members quickly search for existing ideas (to show support and add to the conversation). As I shared in an earlier update on this thread, we have, and will continue, to share feedback regarding this idea with our internal partners.


While our Digital team has committed to other enhancements first, rest assured we continue close partnership with them for adding new or enhanced services for our members. In fact, quite a few of the ideas shared by MIX members have been made available for our entire membership. Most recently, Online Forms, Online Travel Notifications, and ATM refunds. We always enjoy announcing new developments that our members have shared here, and you can find more in our “Inspired By You” section of the community. Thanks and have a great evening! JohnS


I have also suggested this idea. Today, I was zonked out when my checking account showed a lower balance than anticipated. Sure enough, when I opened the checking account, it showed the check I had set up in the Payments module had been cashed. I try to keep track of this type of thing on paper, but it is difficult! Every time my checking account balance changes, I have to manually deduct the two checks I have set up in Payments, and remember the dates I've set up for payment. It would be so much easier for me (being an older person!!) if the Payments module would put the checks I've set up in Payments in Pending on my Checking account. Bingo! I would know exactly how much is available every day. Please bump this up from 'Further Review.' It needs your attention. I have what could be considered a disability: I have a tremor in my hands, making it difficult to do anything finite, like writing, or even printing. When I have to write a birthday message, it's all in caps for that's what's easiest for my brain. Years ago, a friend told me of BECU being able to write and mail checks for me. I am so grateful. Thank you. But I would be SOOOOOO much more grateful if you would put my pending Payments checks in my Pending Checking account. A big thank you.



I just noticed this idea originated in 2016!! And it is still just in the Further Review section! I want my second writing dated today to be shared with all, instead of just considering it as part of an 'old' idea. Please, John, please share my comments dated today that I wrote at 11"47 am today. People need to hear this idea again! It's too much to have to wade through all the ideas and comments. Please, John. Thank you.