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I couldn't sleep, so just went through all 11 pages of the suggestions put forth by Mix Members. Boy, was I impressed!! I have a suggestion (of course!).

Would you categorize/sort the ideas by putting the Not for Us in one category. The Inactive in another. The Good News! We have This! in another, etc.

By the way, when I read the Good News ideas, some/most of those Good News ideas are not available at my small BECU office, nor in offices surrounding mine, nor maybe not in my city/suburb. So maybe when you/BECU Admin person says Good News! You could state where this idea is available.

Also, I was amazed at the many Inactive ideas that were good ones. If they were sorted so people in the Mix could go over them again, maybe some could be ressurected for Admin's consideration! Going through 11 pages took a lot of time! It would take less time if you chose to just look at the Inactive ideas.

Also, who decides that an idea is Not for Us? Since you opened Pandora's Box asking us for ideas, why not give ideas a chance by letting more people vote for them Yes or No?

I'm an old lady and am not into all the cutsy Kudos or special names you give me. That doesn't motivate me to write to you. My brain is what motivates me to write to you, i.e., a problem, or something that could be better.

There. It's almost 2 am. Thanks for listening. Goodnight.



Excellent idea...thanks eym1942

Community Manager

Thanks @eym1942- we love your late-night dedication! And we absolutely agree we’ve got a great group of members in here sharing their ideas. To your first question- the ideas are indeed categorized by “status”, if you’re on the Share an Idea page, on the right sidebar, you’ll see a list titled “Idea Status” and each of those statuses below that are links to look at just the ideas in those categories.


Also, please do let us know which “Good News” ideas you see that you’re thinking may not be available for you- we want to make sure and help any way we can if there’s something we can clarify.


You raise a good point around the “Inactive” ideas- because we rely on the community to tell us what’s important/top of mind, inactive ideas are those ideas that didn’t generate any/enough community support in 6-9 months. It doesn’t mean they’ll be completely ignored, they just didn’t bubble to the top for the community.


Pandora’s Box is spot on, isn’t it?! Because we strive to keep this community informed and maintain a great level of transparency, we intentionally included an idea status to indicate a “Not Right for Us” idea. We have to be bold enough to admit that somethings aren’t actually feasible or possible for us to deliver in the near future.


Thank you for your care and thoughtful contribution; it’s members like you that fuel this community! JohnS

Community Manager
Status changed to: Inactive