Shared branching deposits

I would like to be able to make cash and check deposits at shared branch credit unions, instead of having to go through a teller Robot Happy
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Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

Good morning @Aprilinda! Thanks for sharing - We do participate in shared branching and there are thousands of partner credit unions across the US you can visit to make a cash or check deposit. It's up to each credit union to decide to participate in the shared branching network, and you can find a complete list of partner CU's in your area by visiting our website, here. Please make sure to select "Partner Credit Unions" and "Teller Services". Thanks! JohnS


@JohnS - BECU is part of the shared branching network, but does not offer any teller services and thus not full access to regular bank branch services anywhere except Tukwila and Everett.

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@harkening You're right, only our Tukwila and Everett Financial Centers do have tellers.  We also participate in the Co-Op ATM network which allows other participating credit union members to access their accounts through our ATMs to make deposits and withdrawals. I’d like to learn more about what type of services you'd use when visiting a BECU location to understand how I can help. Thanks! JohnS