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Sensitive Documents Shredding services

How might BECU help us as memebers improve our security - launching this as a program might include things like becoming a droff-off for shredding services which are then directly billed against your account.  And then under the umbrella of improving personal security members could be prompted for specific actions (like, take the time to refresh your online passwords, etc).


But - how might we start by simply shredding old documents.

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Hi @jmeeding Welcome to the MIX; so glad you're here! Member security is a top priority for us and I'm glad to see you're also thinking about keeping your physical and virtual documents safe! We currently host bi-annual events where you can shred up to three grocery bags or two banker boxes full of paper and also recycle any TVs, CPUs, computer monitors, laptops, and cell phones. Be sure to check out our website for more details. We also think it's import to empower our members with information that can help them navigate the current online landscape. We recently posted a blog article about data privacy here on the MIX and it's chock-full of helpful info! Please let me know if you have any questions. JohnS

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Request - please add the locations for shredding events. Many of your customers are in the Seattle and Bellevue areas, and the current locations are simply too far. Would you please add a central location like Eastside or Seattle?