Savings game app

Develop an app or service targeted to teens, college students, and young professionals that encourages savings through social gamification. The tool could have basic budgeting tools, and be part financial literacy, part budgeting, and part nugdge to save. In tandem or seperately, the tool could allow users to see how "rounding up" (another feature!) would build in savings, if it had been enabled over the past year.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Under BECU Review

Hi @bellpe! We love this idea and are currently looking into the gamification space. We're engaging in conversations with organizations who are developing and testing savings-focused games and apps, and we're also part of a cool innovation network which give us access to the latest technology as we evaluate to learn what's available and proven to be most effective. JohnS

Community Manager
Status changed to: On the Radar

Hi @bellpe, just a quick update - we're continuing to look into this space but we have no planned efforts at this time. JohnS