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Savings Rates

We are losing investors to other institutions with higher interest rates. I for one have moved large sums of money from BECU to Capital One where I earn 1.85%. We need to find a way to pay our members a better rate.

Community Manager

Hi @normmund

We understand every member's situation is unique. If your situation ever changes you can opt-in to eStatements at any time . Thank you for being a member. 



I have an account with Ally Bank, which has a phenomenal rate of 2.0% for savings. BECU is great, but wish I could justify moving all my $ to them!


I have moved money to two other places where I get 2.39% on a one year.

Community Manager

Good morning all! Thanks for continuing to share your stories! We’ve recently raised rates on all of our Money Market Accounts and most of our CDs. Plus, members earn an even higher rate with Member Advantage. To see the latest rates, check out our website. Thanks, JohnS