Save SMARTER: Option for fixed percentage--rather than fixed amount--transferred to savings!

I've been dying to see a feature like this! Most finacial guides always speak to the importance of paying yourself first, saving a percentage of your income, etc. In my case, I like to save 10% of what I make each month. Trouble is, what i make each month varies greatly! Can we build a feature where a set percentage of every deposit into my checking (be it $1.00 or $10,000) goes into my savings account? Or even just a different checking account? This would be so much more convenient!


Clients would know that every time they deposited some money, whether their direct deposit from work or just $50.00 from a friend, 5%or 10% goes right to savings. You could transfer it out if you needed to (of course obeying the rules about the number of withdrawals you can make from savings accounts), but the default action would be that you were truly saving a fixed percentage of everything you brought in for a month. I know I would LOVE to have this! Any one else?

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@BauhausBrian- We like the sounds of your concept. We don't have current plans for something like this, but would like to revisit as our strategies evolve. Cheers, KristinA