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Safe Deposit Boxes anyone?

Safe Deposit boxes are one of the traditional banks services I would love to see at the local financial centers.  I understand the overhead, facility, and security are clearly not generally thought of as profitable services, however, it is one that I truly would love to see offerred.

Have you considered offering safe deposit boxes at just the main office locations such as Tukwila? Even if they were only open 3 days a week such as Saturday Sunday Monday instead of 7 days a week or 5 days a week that would be nice.

I understand the infrastructure and logistics would generally prohibit offering safe deposit boxes, but that's about the only thing missing in offered services at BECU.  Fortunately, I had a US BANK related VISA card to that I could establish a safe deposit box at US BANK without opening a checking or savings account with them.  It still costs $110 per year, but I needed a place to keep our Will and Directives safe from fire, water damage, or theft.  


The only thing keeping me with BofA is a safe deposit box.  I don't like doing business with them, but don't have a lot of other choices.

Community Manager

@jhmadison3@sote33 and @James787  Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll continue to share your feedback with the powers that be. JohnS


Great idea.  Passports,  Wills, Property Deeds, and Birth Certificates can be difficult to replace.  In case of fire, it would be good to know that these documents are secure .