BECU. I have been patiently waiting along with thousands of others for Samsung Pay to be enabled to our debit cards. It is unfathomable why you have it for credit but not debit. Thousands of tiny and insignificant banks and credit unions, as well as every large financial institution is on board and offering samsung pay. Why arent you? And saying "its coming soon" for over a year and a half is not acceptable.

The fact is BECU, its safer and MORE secure, and can be used ANYWHERE. (In case you all didnt know, Samsung pay enabled phones actually have a magnetic strip in the phone, so they work even where NFC doesnt) its more secure because it generates a unique card number, and doesnt use your actual card number so it cannot be stolen.

Its 2017, and BECU, your still in the dark ages. Please get on board with Samsung Pay, or we will be forced to use someone else.

My card works everywhere EXCEPT McDonald's. I don't know why but it keeps saying transaction declined.


 @mandm7 I have a Galaxy S7. Yes I can run it as a credit on MST terminals but if I try to enter my pin it says not authorized. Unfortunately some terminals don't give you a choice debit/credit.


That is interesting. I have had issues where a debit card (both mine from becu or my wifes, from a different bank) didn't work, but i was still able to get the MST to work with one of our credit cards. When it says not authorized, and then you make a payment with another form, does your receipt print out showing the failed payment? Sometimes these come with a failed code which can provide more information on why the transaction was not processed. 


A random question that I just thought of....what above device placement for debit cards that have the chip with terminals that require you to insert the card as opposed to swiping? Would you place the phone at the bottom where you would insert the chip portion of the card? or do you still hold it at the side as if you were going to swipe the card?

BECU Employee

@JesseJackJones- Hello and thank you for the shout out, that really means a lot! I'm thrilled we finally delivered on what we've been promising- it truly took a village, including this MIX community. I'm so glad you're here, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! Cheers, KristinA 


I'm having the same issue. When using debit card on Samsung pay MST, it beeps, asks for pin, then once I put my pin in says not authorized. I switch to my BECU VISA, and boom. Works fine. Haven't tried to use debit as credit but will try next time. My wife's Wells Fargo debit works fine on the same terminal and she uses her pin. Same phones: Galaxy s8. 


@BoBeave I found a workaround for most MST terminals. When it asks you for your PIN just press enter. It will run it as credit and ask for your signature. Sort of obnoxious but at least it debits from your checking and you get your Samsung Pay reward points.


 I did run into a snag with the workaround. You can't get cash back (obviously). I wonder why it sounds like other banks/credit unions can run their cards as debit but BECU cards are unable to at this time. Hopefully this is resolved at some point.


@Cwright_1980 Only credit cards work with the BECU on Samsung pay.  Your debit card can be run as  a 'check card' which is what you have to do if you are using Samsung pay.  As with using the card, you can't get cash back if it's run as 'credit'  Some terminals will allow the merchant to select which method before you tap others you have to figure out by ether pressing enter when asking for pin others like 7-11 you select no cash back then cancel and it will allow you to then select credit function.

It's not a matter of being resolved but rather implemented which probably is a different setup altogether.  I'm just glad that there finally is an option to use my BECU card on Samsung pay.

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Hey all, thanks for sharing your experiences and chiming in to troubleshoot. Like many of you have referenced, the experience can be different from one location to the next. And it can be different with every merchant.  Some terminals will prompt for the PIN and then won’t recognize it. We want you to be assured it’s not an issue with your BECU card or set up, there are many combinations of things that could be impacting the varying experiences. I was looking around and Samsung looks to have its own community, and I thought it may be helpful or spark additional conversation: