BECU. I have been patiently waiting along with thousands of others for Samsung Pay to be enabled to our debit cards. It is unfathomable why you have it for credit but not debit. Thousands of tiny and insignificant banks and credit unions, as well as every large financial institution is on board and offering samsung pay. Why arent you? And saying "its coming soon" for over a year and a half is not acceptable.

The fact is BECU, its safer and MORE secure, and can be used ANYWHERE. (In case you all didnt know, Samsung pay enabled phones actually have a magnetic strip in the phone, so they work even where NFC doesnt) its more secure because it generates a unique card number, and doesnt use your actual card number so it cannot be stolen.

Its 2017, and BECU, your still in the dark ages. Please get on board with Samsung Pay, or we will be forced to use someone else.
BECU Employee

@Dylmill- Welcome to the community, we do keep it real here so I’m going to cut to the chase (no pun intended).


We know it's been a long wait. We know other banks offer this service. We’ve set timeframes in the past for Samsung and Android pay for debit and they’ve come and gone. Do we remain optimistic? Absolutely. 


You and your fellow MIX community members have been instrumental in elevating it’s priority and I can assure you we have a team putting the roll-out plan together. As far as the puzzle pieces, I can safely say it’s a combination of two things: necessary people resources and debit transactions system capability. Both are being addressed to make sure that when it’s ready to go, it doesn’t stink. And when that time comes - trust me, I get that it’s not soon enough – you’ll hear about it in the MIX first.


Thanks for adding your voice and support to this initiative. It matters. Cheers, KristinA 



I have three words for BECU which may cause them to lose customers: "Samsung Galaxy S8." This phone is going to sell like hotcakes along with the new wave of powerful, and near bezeless phones like the LG G6. Many of BECU's customers will be shocked to find BECU as the lone bank holding out on the Android/Samsung Pay landscape. I love BECU for a few reasons, and I'm willing to hang on a bit longer, but if I'm not able to use my new S8 to make DEBIT payments by June, I'm out. As BECU explores its options, they should consider how not being able to support Android and Samsung Pay in 2017 is seen as a real negative to the public in general. It's time to get serious about this, BECU. Provide your customers with a real estimate for your Android and Samsung Pay rollout. If the smaller banks can do it, and you're struggling with this, get some help from them, or from Google or Samsung directly. Heck, even your login to this forum is behind the times! I mean, who uses the old-fashioned CAPTCHA method any more? 


I totally agree with @JeffChapmanJC on this one. we're at the point where our phones have curved glass on them and there's almost no bezzels on it. we can even send electricity through the air and charge our phones with out plugging them in. And my new $800 phone won't be able to accept my credit card. We want Samsung pay on our debit cards asap!!!!

Community Manager

@JeffChapmanJC @Emanuel Thanks for adding your thoughts! We know it’s been a long wait and as we've mentioned in comments above, we’re actively in development to bring you Android/Samsung Pay. Stay tuned here for updates. JohnS


Got my Galaxy S8....but no debit card functionality with Samsung Pay. I guess the free month of platinum rewards status on Samsung Pay goes to waste Robot Sad

Community Manager

Good morning @mandm7! Welcome to the MIX and thanks for weighing in. I hate losing out on rewards too, so that's a real bummer! What does the free month of platinum rewards status on Samsung Pay include? I'd love to know more. JohnS


Samsung Pay earns you points for each purchase you make with it. Normally it would require 30 payments in a month to reach platinum status, thus earning the most points per transaction (4x points). Samsung Pay gives you an immediate free bump to platinum for your first month on joining. The only problem obviously have to know ahead of time that your card doesn't work with it to delay your automatic joining. 


I just bought a Galaxy S8 and signed up for Samsung Rewards to take advantage of their promotional offer, and now I see I can't even use my card. How is it even possible for one of the largest credit unions in the country to be this far behind?


I talked to someone at a BECU location and they said it'll arrive late 2017??? I really hope it'll be faster than this. I bought a gear S3 and I can use Samsung pay on my watch now, too bad my debit card is from BECU.


i was going to comment as i had not seen many meme bers outside of this forum commenting.

but since i am of like mnds on this.  please get this done or at best let us know updated information.