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BECU. I have been patiently waiting along with thousands of others for Samsung Pay to be enabled to our debit cards. It is unfathomable why you have it for credit but not debit. Thousands of tiny and insignificant banks and credit unions, as well as every large financial institution is on board and offering samsung pay. Why arent you? And saying "its coming soon" for over a year and a half is not acceptable.

The fact is BECU, its safer and MORE secure, and can be used ANYWHERE. (In case you all didnt know, Samsung pay enabled phones actually have a magnetic strip in the phone, so they work even where NFC doesnt) its more secure because it generates a unique card number, and doesnt use your actual card number so it cannot be stolen.

Its 2017, and BECU, your still in the dark ages. Please get on board with Samsung Pay, or we will be forced to use someone else.

Thanks for the update. I'm excited for this feature. Thanks for the technical info as well.


I can't understand why EVERY other method of payment (including Microsoft Wallet, which is used by virtually NO ONE) has been implemented.   Sorry if I've long since just learned not to believe BECU.  It's a "3rd party" hold up?  Golly, that didn't seem to impact ANY other bank in town (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, even little dinky Umpqua, they all have Android/Samsung pay and have for ages).  If they're not being held up by "3rd parites" and it's ONLY BECU being held up for OVER 2 YEARS STRAIGHT then you have obviously incompetent or very very very poor 3rd party companies you're dealing with.  I'd suggest you investigate how banks big (Bank of America) and small (Umpqua) managed to beat you do market on this by years.  Someone(s) in your company should be fired for this long of a failure.  

FYI...I've been told this has been "in the works" and "just hold on" since 2015.


BECU Employee

@zbsfan- We’re actively working to bring you Samsung/Android Pay and have made it a priority; multiple factors have played a part in our delay and we own that.


Thanks for sharing your comments; we feel your frustration and hope you had a chance to review the updates in this thread, we’re finally in development and our MIX community will be the first to know when it’s available so stay tuned here. Cheers, KristinA

@KristinA Please represent us to the 3rd party vendors. Samsung Pay was first announced/released almost 2 years ago. The underlying technology is the same as Apple Pay so this 3rd party vendor needs to start commiting to dates on support or communicating progress that BECU can relay. BECU shouldn't look bad to it's members because the 3rd party won't be transparant. 

BECU Employee

@seattleandrew- We're making headway as we speak and your voices are helping fuel progress. We're confident in our efforts and that all the puzzle pieces will be aligned for the much anticipated delivery of Samsung Pay. Thanks for your support and for sharing your input! Cheers, KristinA 


Throwing my support behind BECU implementing this tech for debit cards. I'd love to use either Samsung or Android pay options. 


Will there be a big announcement when this becomes available?


Edit: Not to rub it in, but...

BECU Employee

@DavidJLarsen- Thanks for your support and for sharing the article! It's my life goal to get BECU on the next list that is released. You can bet we'll make an announcement, and you'll hear it here, first. Cheers, KristinA 


Are we any closer to getting Samsung Pay now? If so, what's the ETA if you have one? 


Why can't we get a detailed list of the reasons why Android and Samsung pay are not yet supported? Are they classified? Is it top secret information? This is honestly a real let down, I've been patiently waiting for over 2 years for Android pay support. If BECU were to just release a list of roadblocks that are standing in the way of Android and Samsung pay support it would put me and many others at ease knowing what is really standing in the way. The responses we are getting now are unnecessarily chipper about the situation and are filled with empty promises that they are working hard to fit all the "puzzle pieces" together. We want real information about the situation, not someone with nice messages about optimism and hard work.


Maybe I'll just switch to Chase or Umpqua or literally anyone else that has Android pay support...