BECU. I have been patiently waiting along with thousands of others for Samsung Pay to be enabled to our debit cards. It is unfathomable why you have it for credit but not debit. Thousands of tiny and insignificant banks and credit unions, as well as every large financial institution is on board and offering samsung pay. Why arent you? And saying "its coming soon" for over a year and a half is not acceptable.

The fact is BECU, its safer and MORE secure, and can be used ANYWHERE. (In case you all didnt know, Samsung pay enabled phones actually have a magnetic strip in the phone, so they work even where NFC doesnt) its more secure because it generates a unique card number, and doesnt use your actual card number so it cannot be stolen.

Its 2017, and BECU, your still in the dark ages. Please get on board with Samsung Pay, or we will be forced to use someone else.
BECU Employee

@Hagerfor000- Thanks for joining the MIX and contributing your feedback. We do understand the benefits of Samsung Pay, and share your frustration in the delays we’ve experienced. We’re not intentionally avoiding it, promise! Samsung Pay is still a priority to us, we simply don’t want to keep communicating potential dates and then missing them, causing additional frustration.


Because we rely on third party partners, we’ve run into additional bottlenecks in making Samsung Pay available. Once all requirements are met by all parties, we’ll be ready to move forward. We’re disappointed right along with you so thank you for hanging in there with us. Cheers, KristinA 


How about some specifics? Who/what 3rd party is causing the holdup so we can complain to them too. If you are as disappointed as us let us know who need to poke at to get this done. 

BECU Employee

@Mongoosedog- You have my commitment that I’m poking at the right people.


Our objective is to make the addition of Samsung Pay easy using technology that allows for a seamless and reliable set up on your terms as a member – and that requires orchestration of the various moving parts internally and with our technology partner.  At the same time, we’re currently assessing the options we have at our disposal to determine how and when we can make this available - and coordinating them thoughtfully will make for a more ideal experience.  


The more we hear from the community about this, the louder I’ll be shouting from the proverbial rooftops. Thanks for your support and sharing your voice. Cheers, KristinA 


I'm also very frustrated with this. Digital payments are the future! Let's get this done ASAP, please. We're missing out on rewards too.

BECU Employee

@Cwright_1980- Thanks for joining the discussion and contributing your comments in support of Samsung Pay. Cheers, KristinA 


Add Android Pay to this. Been waiting for over a year now for this. Why is Apple Pay supported for over a year now, but Android gets the cold shoulder? 

We want detailed answers and not the corporate runaround.

BECU Employee

@Taolishao- Thanks for joining the MIX and adding in Android Pay to this thread. No cold shoulders from us, we absolutely intend to offer Samsung AND Android Pay for debit cards. Cheers, KristinA

BECU Employee
Status changed to: In Development

We’re actively working to bring you Samsung & Android Pay. Our goal is to make it a low-effort and automated experience. The alternative would require extra steps for our members and ideally we’d like to avoid that. Thanks for hanging in there with us and sharing your voice- it matters. Cheers, KristinA 


Is Apple just easier to program for? I think we'd all like a little technical explanation why it's available for one ecosystem and not another. It makes us confused as well because our credit cards work so why is debit so difficult to get rolling? Kristina I see you posted a status update to "in development". I assume that means we're closer to implementation than before? Thanks!

BECU Employee
@Cwright_1980- You're spot on, "In Development" means we're inching closer. We really are committed to bringing this to you! There are many factors that play into the differences in credit cards vs debit cards and Apple vs Android, a couple of them being partner support for the different card types and existing authentication paths available. Be assured, we're working through the technical pieces so you don't have to! Cheers, KristinA