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Running Total Balance in iPhone App

In the old version of the app there used to be a running total after each transaction.  I miss this feature.  I like to see how close we got to the line or if we crossed through it at some point.  Please bring this feature back so that the iOS app is on par with the website. 

Community Manager

@kenmizell I'm with you, I miss that feature too! I'm doing some idea reviews and I apologize I never acknowledged your idea when you shared. I'm following up with our Digital team to find out more. JohnS

Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs Community Support

Hi @kenmizell I spoke with our Digital team and this is a topic of ongoing discussion. Currently, we don’t have plans to include this in any upcoming releases. We’ll continue to check back to see what type of support this feature gathers from the community. Thanks! JohnS


Same for android please!