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Round up purchases to savings

When making a purchase from your BECU Checking account, the purchase is rounded up to the next whole dollar and the rounded amount is transfered to your savings account.

For example:

Buy lunch for $7.38 and 62 cents is added to your savings account.

Spend $1.19 on a candy bar and 81 cents is added to your savings account.

Note: This idea was already suggested back in 2016 (here:, and BECU told us "no".  This is a feature that many other credit unions offer, so I see no reason why in 2019, BECU, the largest and most wealthy credit union in Washington, cannot implement a simple rounding program.

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Community Manager

Hi @mistrpeter thanks for lending your support to this idea. Our last conversation about this idea was way back in 2017, and when we last checked it wasn't a definite "no" but a "just not right now" so we will reach back out the product team for an update on this. Thanks! - Reiners