Roll-over budget in Money Manager

The BECU Money Manager works very well and has a lot of great features.  I've been a long-time user of but am looking to change platforms due to a variety of reasons.  One of the features I use the most at is the "roll-over budget" feature.  With this feature, any money from a budget you don't spend one month automatically gets added into your budget in the same category for the next month.  I would love to see this feature added and would probably use the BECU Money Manager more if these type of features were implemented.


Thank you.

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This idea would also provide an internal "lay-away" budget item to accrue over a number of monthly periods until it reaches a target number.

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@black143 We've talked with our Digital team and we see the value in this functionality, but don't currently have plans to make this update, We'll reevaluate when we have more community support. Thanks! JohnS


I'm looking for more helpful management tools as well. I've had awful credit for most of my life, I wasn't taught money management very well. I'm starting to learn what affects my credit score, & am trying to better budget to improve my score. I think it should start out with basics, that way a young or inexperienced person, like me can learn as they go. Experience the benefits of being responsible & reap the rewards of responsibility.

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Good morning @Carollucy303 and welcome to the community! It's great to hear that you're getting a foot-hold on what affects your credit and how to budget appropriately. Baby steps in the right direction will certainly pay off in the long run, so good for you! BECU does have a library of seminars and webinars on our website that you can schedule which will help you build on the basics, and you can find those here. We also have a few self-paced courses available here. As we continue to add to and expand this library, we'll keep you posted in the community. Have a great day! JohnS 


Hard to get “community support” for a feature that, if missing, is a no go for most users that need it. For example we only pay some of our utilities bi-monthly. Without the rollover feature, it just doesn’t work to start with, so we can’t use it at all. 

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Thanks for sharing, @Jbreck. By adding your voice to the conversation here, you're adding support for this functionality. As more members contribute to this idea, it helps us show that it's important to our members, so thank you for your comments. JohnS


I co-sign on the rollover function! Some months, I have extra room in my budget for things and I'd like for that money to automatically go to the following month's budget. Another way this function could be useful is for utilities that are due every other month. 

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Thanks @strong_1 and welcome to the MIX! Your comment has been shared internally. When we have additional details we'll be sure to share. Have a great weekend! JohnS