Refine banking app

It would be great to have a search option within the app to locate specific transactions.  Also very cumbersome to have to go through multiple screens just to get to your account details. 


Seconded! When I click on an account name, I want to go straight to a full screen of transactions.  Not have transactions appear (as on the tablet) in a tiny column buried off to the right. 


Less screens would probably decrease the size of the app as well which kind of relates to my idea:


Although, the search function would probably increase the size but that's where my idea to have a "lite" version comes in.

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Status changed to: In Development

@brixey3@scottmcj@sinkorswim3706- Thanks for chiming in on this! We're stoked this functionality is coming in our next mobile app release. Check out the preview details here. Cheers, KristinA 

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Status changed to: Idea Built

@brixey3- The new mobile app release is available today, thanks for the feedback! You'll now be able to search transactions by payee, in addition to filter by type, by account and by custom date range to make it even easier. Happy searching! Cheers, KristinA